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The Wardrobe Rehab came to my house and helped me decide which clothes were hopeless and had to be discarded and then, to my amazement, came up with at least a dozen outfits out of clothes I never would have thought to put together. Then, they showed me what jewelry, purses and shoes I already had to put with them. When all was done, I only had to go out and buy one pair of "must-have" shoes. I thought I was going to have to go on a major shopping spree. What a deal!

- Debbie

The Wardrobe Rehab was a wonderful experience. Before the session I went through my closet and reviewed all of my clothes. I created piles of clothes from there where I categorized them into either keep, donate, or maybe. The majority of them went to the goodwill which I was glad to see them go. I was embarrassed and shy about the experience because I have never had someone come over and critique my clothes. I knew that I had to do it because I had items that I've had for years and I needed that extra push on letting some things go. I got many different ideas on how to mix and match my clothes (along with accessories) to make my closet stretch as well as ideas on keeping it more organized. I feel so much better about my closet. I will continue to do this every season. The ladies are great at what they do you just need to let them do their magic!

- Norka
My first appointment with "Wardrobe Rehab" was great. They're both very creative and fun. They encouraged me to take an honest look at the clothes in my closet, gave me lots of great outfit ideas that fit my personal style, and inspired me to add new colors and styles to my wardrobe. I'll definitely ask for their help again in the future!

- Katy


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